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Zoë E. Sprott is a writer and academic at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa. She is currently working towards a Master’s degree in English with a concentration in literary studies. Her interests include contemporary literature, popular/digital literature, and queer theory.

Zoë enjoys writing in a wide variety of genres, forms, and mediums including short fiction, lyric essays, and academic papers. Her creative writing has been published in Mānoa Horizons, Vice-Versa, Litro Online, and Runestone. Her article on Tony Kushner’s Angels in America was recently published in Mānoa Horizons.

Zoë is also the reviews editor and editorial assistant at the Center for Biographical Research.

My Work

Due to my varied interests, I currently inhabit several roles, each with its own responsibilities, opportunities, and philosophies. Although they are listed as separate here, they often blend, resulting in interdisciplinary creations and discoveries.


Although English is my primary field of study, my coursework is diverse, including psychology, public health, and anthropology. I have conducted ethnographic research in Florence, Italy and across the continental United States.


My creative writing crosses a variety of genre and form lines, delving into poetry, nonfiction, and fiction in a variety of mediums. Lyric essays and metafiction are amongst my favorite types of writing. I have published two short stories and two lyrics essays.


As a scholar, I am most interested in studying texts that step outside of generic and formal conventions. In terms of content, I am intrigued by texts that subvert norms of gender and sexuality. I am particularly drawn to works of popular fiction. My first academic publication was released in late 2019.


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Email: zsprott@hawaii.edu

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